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For road safety, against traffic noise

Collision Protection
With collision protection, you can prevent damage to buildings and equipment, and also injuries to employees, caused by transportation activities.

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Guard-rails prevent vehicles from going off the road, overturning or even crossing the central reservation, with all the consequences this entails.

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Noise barriers
As to the effectiveness of noise barriers, the government conducted trials in 1975 to reduce noise pollution from national highways. The results were positive.

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Eurorail BV advises, delivers and assembles multi-plane steel culverts and tunnels for various applications.

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Noice Barriers

Against traffic noise

The WHO, World Health Organization, concluded several years ago that traffic pollution leads to the loss of at least one million healthy years of life in Western Europe. For some people this can even cause so much stress that it contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease. Eurorail BV specializes in the production, supply and installation of (sustainable) noise barriers.


Creating safe situations

We strive for a transparent explanation of what we deliver, sharing our knowledge as well as solutions and being complete in our information. We update our knowledge and continue to learn from each other. Our advice is sound and well-founded, and we are open to the expertise of others. At the same time, we keep a clear overview and avoid ad hoc behavior.


Creating safe situations

We are approachable and communicate openly with transparency. We are honest about possibilities as well as impossibilities and do what is agreed upon. All our advice is well-founded and the information we provide is truthful. We record agreements and acknowledge our errors without compromising on quality.


Creating safe situations

We are concise and clear, adhere to a businesslike attitude that remains composed and balanced, while thinking before we act.


Creating safe situations

We are attentive to the perceptions of the individual and communicate in a business-friendly manner. We involve everyone in our developments. We listen carefully to one other and think along= with them. Every employee is a part of the Eurorail family.


Creating safe situations

​Our aim is to provide tailor-made solutions with a cost-benefit perspective. We correct errors immediately and prevent any recurrence.

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Steel Culverts

High-grade quality

Eurorail BV advises on, supplies and installs various types of steel subways to improve the wet or dry infrastructure. For example, bicycle tunnels, traffic tunnels, wildlife crossings, silos or culverts. Every task is tailored to specific requirements and circumstances.

With extensive knowledge and experience, Eurorail BV together with its manufacturer is the specialist in the field of steel subways with a wide variety of profiles. By working directly with the customer and our own technical design department, the result is a high-quality end product that complies with present-day standards.

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Careers/Job Vacancies
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Working for Eurorail

Eurorail has been a family business since 1978. We are true specialists and are passionate about our work. We are reliable and committed to our customers and our staff. We are dedicated to providing the best solution for every issue. But we are also down-to-earth and have no desire to make a fuss. Producing top quality work, is what we are all about!

Latest eurorail news

Eurorail ISO 9001 gecertificeerd
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Eurorail BV is now also ISO certified!

Following a period of the necessary preparations, reflection, innovations in processes, tasks and responsibilities, a two-day audit last summer provided us with the highly valued ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Special Events Barrier The "Claw"

Mobile Event Barrier The "Claw"

The crowd-friendly mobile event barrier the 'Claw' has been developed to stop hostile vehicles at, for example, events and festivals. The design of this barrier looks more attractive than the much used concrete blocks.

Transparant Scorsa-min
Absorbent transparent noise barrier

Clearwall transparent absorbent noise barrier

Noise pollution has never been so innovative as with absorbent transparent noise screens, also known as”Clearwall” screens. Where transparent screens normally reflect sound, in this new form it is absorbed; in other words, a unique screen.